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Fireworks at RAD Delegate Meeting

It’s July 4th and we couldn’t resist the title. In truth, today’s delegate meeting wasn’t much of a fireworks display. It mainly consisted of board and committee member reports. Of special interest was Don Galloway’s report on why PRDS terminated its role as conference host. We’ll be posting a separate video interview with Don that has all the 411.

Who is here:

President: Bob Donaldson

Secretary: Steven Schumacher

Treasurer: Larry Pike

Parliamentarian: Libby Pollard

Deaf Bears and Cubs Organization (DBCO): John Maxwell

Deaf Queer Resource Center (DQRC): Dragonsani Renteria, Juan Bernal

Gays and Lesbians of the East (GLAD-E): David Rink

Deaf Gays and Lesbians of the West (Deaf GLOW): Billy Raby

RAD Seniors: Alex Richey, Jr.

International Deaf Leather: Alex Leffers, Bob Rourke

RAD Webmaster: Henry Carter

English-French Documentation Translator: Ricky Drake

Bylaws Chair: Jim Maloney

Policy Manual Chair: David Nelson

Central Florida Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (CFRAD): David Justin Welker, Jr., Ed Cornett

Lilac Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (LRAD): Michelle Gerson, Kriston Pumphrey

Mile High Rainbow Society of the Deaf (MHRSD): Daivd O’Toole

Minnesota Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (MNRAD): Raymond Luczak, David Pirc

Ontario Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (ORAD): Frank Folino

Peachtree Rainbow Deaf Society (PRDS): Don Galloway, Kevin Steffy

Philadelphia Lambda Club of the Deaf (PLCD): Dennis Hart

Rainbow Lambda Society of the Deaf (RLSD): Don Baer

Windy City Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (WCRAD): Vicki Kirkpatrick

Wisconsin Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (WiscRAD): Dale Ross

The following active RAD chapters did not send delegates this year: AGLC, Astro RAD, BRAD, CMRA, NJRAD, RADKC

Also missing: Lesbian and Deaf Youth Representatives. And RAD Vice President Barbara Hathaway who is unable to attend the conference this year due to health issues.