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Eyes of Desire 2: A Deaf GLBT Reader Released


EYES OF DESIRE 2: A DEAF GLBT READER a new anthology edited by Raymond Luczak


What does it mean to be a Deaf GLBT person in the world today? Over
85 Deaf and hearing people from all over the world share their
stories, interviews, poems, and more in this anthology. Straight
people also share their experiences.


Fourteen years ago Raymond Luczak’s first anthology Eyes of Desire: A
Deaf Gay & Lesbian Reader (Alyson, 1993) was nominated for two Lambda
Literary Awards. It was also the first and only book in the world
that focused on the Deaf GLBT community. As Luczak explains in his
online subtitled video (
), “it was time to … follow up to see whether the Deaf GLBT
community had changed since then.”

Eyes of Desire 2: A Deaf GLBT Reader features rarely-heard “voices”
such as a Deaf Ethiopian bisexual woman, a hard-of-hearing intersexed
transgender musician, a Deaf ex-gay man, a Deaf lesbian witch, a Deaf
gay Asian, a Deaf lesbian FTM rock ‘n roll drummer, an older British
non-signing deaf man, a Deaf black gay HIV-positive man, a hearing
partner of a Deaf transman, a Deaf gay Hispanic man, a Deaf black
lesbian tomfemme pagan, a Deaf gay hearing-aid fetishist, a Deaf
Hindu lesbian, a DeafBlind Jewish gay man, a Deaf straight woman with
two mommies, a Deaf leather titleholder, and a Deaf lesbian with an
identical twin Deaf lesbian sister. Countries include Canada, Chile,
England, Ethiopia, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Russia, and South Africa.
Subjects cover coming out, family, identity, relationships,
community, and activism.


Raymond Luczak ( is the author of the
forthcoming Deaf gay novel Men with Their Hands, the first-place
winner of the Project: QueerLit 2006 Contest, which Suspect Thoughts
Press will publish in 2008. His eight books include essays, poems,
and stageplays. His films include two full-length documentaries.
Thirteen of his stageplays have been performed in three countries. He
lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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