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Fraternization costs International Mr. Deaf Leather title


New International Mr. Deaf Leather, Jerry
Garmany, with Brad Dale aka “Boy B”

By Mr. Marcus
Bay Area Reporter

What happens when a contestant wins a title and is later found to have fraternized with the head judge? It was at the International Mr. Deaf Leather contest in Atlanta two weekends ago when one hot man, Kevin Steffy, was named the winner on Saturday night.

Photos were taken. A press release and photos were sent out. Then lo and behold, it was made known to the judges that Steffy had “fraternized” with head judge Steve Kennedy of Seattle.

Result: Steffy relinquished the title. The first runner-up, Jerry Garmany, of Washington, D.C., assumed the title. The one boy contestant did not achieve the required number of points so did not win the title. Instead, last year’s winner, Brad “Boy B” Dale, will keep the title for another year.

Not mentioned in the press release was whether the offending head judge was admonished in any way, shape or form for this lapse in judgment. Who is to blame? The judge or the contestant? Since the “fraternization” was not spelled out, is it safe to assume lust played a part? Did they play Scrabble or dominoes? Whatever the reason, remember one thing: There will always be someone watching. Someone will always let scandals leak. It is disappointing to learn, however, that a judge – and the head judge at that – would resort to such an action. What’s wrong with this picture?

(( Source: Bay Area Reporter ))