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Updated Information on Registration


RAD 2007 ATLANTA CONFERENCE (July 3 – 8, 2007)

There are a few changes you need to know if you plan to register for the RAD 2007 Atlanta Conference. Combo tickets or individual tickets for events with food must be purchased by June 20th! We do this so we can let the hotel know the number of meals in advance.

Between now and June 1st we will accept personal checks, cashier’s check or money orders. From June 2nd to June 20th we will only accept cashier’s checks and money orders.

If you send in your registration by mail and it’s postmarked no later than June 20, 2007, that will be fine. We will not accept any registration postmarked after June 20. You may buy combo (if we have any tickets left) or individual tickets at conference at Registration Desk between July 3 and 7. Remember you probably can’t get a meal for the Pageant Dinner Show if you wait to buy ticket at registration. We will only accept money orders and cash.

We will not sell individual tickets for meals for RAD Pageant or Dinner and Awards Show at the door. We will sell individual tickets for events without meals at the registration.

We need to know if you are planning to attend the following events:

RAD Pageant Dinner/Show Thursday night (must purchased by June 20th)
RAD Dinner/Awards/Show Saturday Night (must purchased by July 4th at 2 PM)
RAD Sunday Brunch (must purchased by July 4th at 2 PM)

Please check our web site, and click on RAD 2007 Conference for registration information and individual prices. Please buy your tickets now.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions. Thank you.

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