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Wright defense team begins its case

By Josh Verges / Photo by Lloyd B. Cunningham

Daphne Wright’s defense team began its case this morning by pointing
to evidence police never got tested and by playing down an argument
that occurred a week before Darlene VanderGiesen died.Marc Toft, who
keeps track of evidence for Sioux Falls police, said 403 items were
tagged in the murder investigation.

Defense lawyer Jason Adams identified about 20 of those items that he
suggested might have drawn suspicion away from Wright and toward
another possible killer. They included fingernail scrapings from
other woman who knew the victim and clothing that presumably belonged
to the victim, which were found in a bag near her legs at the city
landfill in February 2006.

Bad weather forced a long lunch break today, the sixth day of
testimony. The defense’s next witness is driving from Rapid City and
will be called in to court at 2:30 this afternoon.

(( Source:  Agrus Leader ))