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Wright Trial: Jurors Speak

By Lou Raguse

They were asked to decide whether Daphne Wright lives or dies.  Now, six members of the jury share how they came to their decisions.

The jurors say the evidence Daphne Wright committed first-degree murder was overwhelming. The kidnapping guilty verdict took the longest, and when they voted to sentence Wright to life in prison, one of them still wanted death — four others were undecided.

These six jurors say the plastic bag Daphne Wright tied over Darlene VanderGiesen’s head is one of the main things that proved the murder was premeditated.

“If you hit someone on the head, even if it was an accident, and then take the time to look for this bag, and then take more time to go out to the garage to get the twine to wrap around the plastic bag, that was the clincher there for premeditation and first-degree,” says Craig Dolan.

They say the videotaped police interrogation where Wright kept changing her story was another piece of compelling evidence.

“The evidence was just so overwhelming,” says Marilyn Van Zanten. “And when she kept saying she wasn’t going to meet her there, three times she denied it, then why would you meet someone there if you have no money and no gas?”

When it came time to choose life or death, the decision was more difficult.

“There were maybe one or two jurors who stood their ground right from the beginning that, no matter what, they would not go with the death penalty,” Dolan says.

“One thing that just kept coming back is what do we get out of sentencing her to the death penalty? What does she get out of it? What does society get out of it? What do we get out of it? And really, we didn’t see anything good that could come from it,” says jury foreperson Erin Frost-Elshami.

And in the end, these jurors say they respected each other’s moral decision.

In the round-table discussion, these jurors shared what went on inside their deliberations, and how at certain points this case struck them emotionally.

(( Source:  KELOLAND TV ))