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Prosecutors: Wright got money, trashbags, chainsaw to cut up body

By Josh Verges

Two days after Darlene VanderGiesen disappeared, witnesses say Daphne
Wright got $200 from an ATM at 9 a.m., bought a chainsaw at 10 a.m.
and purchased trashbags at 10:20 a.m.

Police officers, store employees and receipts found at Wright’s home
helped establish the timeline in testimony today.

Sioux Falls police detective Keith Gries told the jurors after lunch
about apparent chainsaw marks on Wright’s basement floor and blue
paint spread sloppily on parts of the basement floor and walls.

Some of the paint covered sawdust made of VanderGiesen’s body.

An Ace Hardware store employee is testifying at this hour about
characteristics of chainsaws.

Prosecutors have outlined a gruesome portrait of Wright as a
cold-blooded killer who took VanderGiesen’s life in a jealous rage
because she suspected the victim was dating another women.

But Wright’s attorneys, who have sought to downplay reports that she
purchased a chainsaw to dismember the victim’s body, say the evidence
will not support theories that Wright is the killer.

The trial is expected to last up to four weeks.

(( Source: Argus Leader ))