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Detective tells jury he found human tissue in Daphne Wright’s basement

Daphne Wright’s murder trial resumed this morning, with a detective
testifying that he found human tissue during a search of her basement.

Detective Steve Schaefer was the first witness called to the stand
this morning.

He was part of the search of Wright’s home on South Phillips Avenue.

Schaefer says there was one main room in the basement and a small
room off to the side – a coal bin, where the main evidence was found.

Schaefer says that in the small room, he found a painted floor and
what looked like flecks of bone or tissue on the wall. He recognized
it, because it looked like tissue found on autopsy saws.

The flecks were covered with fresh blue paint.

When police peeled the paint away, Schaefer said he smelled gasoline.

Prosecutors have said Wright tried to burn Darlene VanderGiesen’s
body and cut it up with a chainsaw.

Daphne Wright paid close attention to the testimony. She rocked back
and forth and pressed her lips tightly together.

Prosecutors have outlined a gruesome portrait of Wright as a
cold-blooded killer who took VanderGiesen’s life in a jealous rage
because she suspected the victim was dating another women.

But Wright’s attorneys, who have sought to downplay reports that she
purchased a chainsaw to dismember the victim’s body, say the evidence
will not support theories that Wright is the killer.

The trial is expected to last up to four weeks.

(( Source:  Argus Leader ))