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Wright Videotape Shows Two Different Stories

By Associated Press/KSFY Staff

Daphne Wright, the first female defendant in a South Dakota capital
punishment case changed her story several times and says she was with
the victim the day she disappeared.

Daphne Wright is charged with kidnapping and murdering Darlene
VanderGiesen, another deaf woman from Sioux Falls.

In a videotaped police interview shown to jurors, Wright first told
police in a videotaped interview that she didn’t see VanderGiesen on
February first, 2006.

On the tape, Wright later admits to meeting VanderGiesen at the Pizza
Hut where VanderGiesen’s pickup was found.

Wright told police she suspected VanderGiesen was trying to break up
her relationship with another woman but the two had resolved their

VanderGiesen’s dismembered remains were found in the Sioux Falls
landfill and in a Minnesota ditch.

Daphne Wright’s former roommate took the witness stand today and told
about events surrounding the week VanderGiesen disappeared.

(( Source:  KSFY ))