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VanderGiesen’s Write Book About Darlene


By Ben Dunsmoor

Darlene VanderGiesen’s parents were at Wednesday’s Supreme Court hearing, as they continue to follow Daphne Wright’s case.

It’s been three years since their daughter died at the hands of Daphne Wright.

“I just wanted people to see that it is possible, it can be done,” Darlene’s mother Dee VanderGiesen said.

Dee and Gene VanderGiesen say it is possible to forgive the woman convicted of killing their daughter.

“We were actually able to do that even before the court trial. We were able to say and really mean it in our hearts, ‘Daphne we have forgiven you,'” Dee VanderGiesen said.

Just a few weeks ago, the VanderGiesen’s received their first published copy of a book about forgiveness. It’s a book the VanderGiesen’s wrote about their daughter’s life and death. It’s a book about the VanderGiesen’s faith in God.

“When you are in it, you don’t always see the full picture. But, as I wrote it and I started remembering and started listening to what people had said then. I just knew that God’s hand had been all through this,” Dee said.

It’s a book that has helped the couple heal.

“You rehash a lot of what happened but it just brings some closure after going through it,” Gene VanderGiesen said.

And it’s a book they hope will help others heal.

“Other people who have had deep, deep tragedies in their life.  It doesn’t have to be a death or something like that, but anything that just brought a deep tragedy that they will see that God gives you the ability to move on. Give you the ability to forgive and gives you the ability to just say I praise you Lord,” Dee said.

It’s a peace that the VanderGiesen’s have been able to realize after their daughter’s death, and a peace they hope others can share.

The VanderGiesen’s are not making any money off the book.  The proceeds will go to the Furniture Mission in Sioux Falls.  Copies of Darlene VanderGiesen’s life story can be purchased there as well.

(( Source:  KELOLAND TV ))