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Wright portrayed as troubled student who cut herself, was kicked out of school

By Josh Verges

Daphne Wright excelled in high school sports, but acted out and got poor grades, defense witnesses said this afternoon as her lawyers made the case for life in prison.

She starred in track and basketball at a North Carolina deaf school, but was expelled for poor behavior during her senior year.

Psychologists said she had the mental capacity to do well, but she under-achieved due, perhaps, to personal problems and poor social skills.

Dr. Mike McGrath said Wright has a “fairly impaired” ability to solve problems, learn and deal with new situations.

Wright sometimes cut herself in high school and once swallowed 22 pills.

Steve Witchey, a deaf educator from North Carolina, said there were few resources available in 1980 for deaf students with psychiatric problems.

Wright has been convicted of kidnapping and murder for the slaying of Darlene VanderGiesen, and the same jurors who convicted her are now considering whether to give her a death sentence or life in prison.

(( Source:  Argus Leader ))