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Photos of dismembered body could spark appeal in Daphne Wright case

By Josh Verges

Throughout the pretrial proceedings, jury selection and trial of convicted murderer Daphne Wright, her lawyers paved several avenues for appeal.

A former prosecutor said their best chance for a retrial could be the autopsy photos of Darlene VanderGiesen’s dismembered body, which a higher court could decide “inflamed the passions” of jurors, and should not have been admitted.

Jeff Masten, former Lincoln County State’s Attorney, said the photos may help the state get a death sentence, but could also help the defense get a retrial on appeal.

“It’s really skating on thin ice,” he said.

The same jury that convicted the 43-year-old Sioux Falls woman should decide next week whether to recommend life in prison or death by injection.

If Wright gets death, the sentence is automatically appealed to the Supreme Court. Even if the jury chooses life in prison, Masten said an appeal of the guilty verdict is a sure thing.

(( Source: Argus Leader ))