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Daphne Wright’s Neighbors React To Verdict

By Don Jorge

While family members aren’t talking about the guilty verdict, Daphne Wright’s neighbors have a lot to say about the case.

The neighbor who lives directly behind Daphne Wright says she’s not surprised by the guilty verdicts.

“I know they did a lot of investigating, the detectives were crawling all through the neighborhood, they kept pretty quiet to themselves,” said Maura Giebink.

Maura Giebink was interviewed by police several times, even as recently as this past weekend. Even so, she says she didn’t pay too much attention to the trial.

“Even though it’s in my backyard I haven’t been obsessed by it or having to get or read it everyday or follow it to the tee,” said Giebink.

Neither has John Goraj who lives just around the corner from Wright’s house.

“I thought it was totally bizarre,” said Goraj.

Goraj says now that Wright is guilty, he doesn’t want to see her get the death penalty.

“I think it’s really sad, hope she has a change of heart in prison, that she gets better spiritually and mentally healthy,” said Goraj.

Both neighbors we talked with say even though a murder happened so close by, it hasn’t changed their neighborhood.

“I don’t feel any less safe or anything like that,” said Goraj.

Neither does Giebink, but one thing she is sure of, she’s glad she’s not a juror who’ll have to decide whether Wright spends the rest of her life in prison or die for her crime.

“I don’t know what my real feelings, I mean it’s easy for me to say stuff, but being on the jury might be more difficult,” said Giebink.

(( Source:  KELOLAND TV ))