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Wright’s lawyer uses Powerpoint demonstration for closing argument

In her closing statement this afternoon, Minnehaha County Public Defender Traci Smith urged jurors not to focus on allegations that her client used a chainsaw to dismember Darlene VanderGiesen’s body.

Smith used a Powerpoint demonstration to make her case that the evidence falls short of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Daphne Wright was the killer.

“Take yourself outside of the emotions of the chain saw,” she said. “This is a sad case.”

Much of the evidence presented by the state, Smith said, has been about what happened after VanderGiesen was slain – specifically, the dismemberment of her body.

“Have you heard any information beyond the use of a chain saw on Feb. 3, 2006?,” Smith asked jurors.

“Has premeditated murder been proven to you beyond a reasonable doubt? Has kidnapping been proven to you beyond a reasonable doubt?”

(( Source:  Argus Leader ))