Wright Trial: Chainsaw Experiment

By Lou Raguse

Jurors in the Daphne Wright murder trial have seen the hardware store receipt and heard from a witness who says she sold Daphne Wright a chainsaw. Now, prosecutors are presenting photos from an experiment to prove Wright used that chainsaw to cut apart Darlene VanderGiesen’s body.

County Coroner Brad Randall wanted to find out whether the chainsaw they believe Wright bought would be powerful enough to dismember VanderGiesen, and whether the injuries would be consistent.

As it turns out, the 1.5 horsepower electric chainsaw was powerful enough to cut through a pig carcass, which Randall says is internally very similar to a human body.

A female Forensic Chemist made the cuts to see how easy a woman could cut through the animal. Randall says the process was quick. The blood splatter in the experiment was similar to what investigators found in the coal room in Daphne Wright’s basement.

In his testimony, Randall showed a close-up photo comparing the cut marks on the pig skin to the cut marks on VanderGiesen’s body, and they were very similar.

(( Source:  KELOLAND TV ))