Wright Trial: Scientist Testifies


By Lou Raguse

More evidence presented this morning incriminates murder suspect Daphne Wright.

A blue pillowcase investigators found on Wright’s bed comes from the same set as the bed sheets wrapped around Darlene VanderGiesen’s torso.

A highway worker found VanderGiesen’s upper body in a ditch near Beaver Creek, Minn., on March 28, nearly two months after the woman died.

Prosecutors believe Wright killed VanderGiesen then dismembered her in the coal room of Wright’s basement. A forensic scientist testified that sheets wrapped around body parts had coal dust on them similar to the coal in the basement.

That scientist also confirmed that a spool of rope found in Wright’s garage matches the rope tied around VanderGiesen’s neck, and that trash bags wrapped around body parts matches the type Wright purchased on Feb. 3.

Carpet found near the body parts in the landfill and in the Minnesota ditch is not different than the carpet investigators found in Wright’s garage, the scientist also determined.

Later today, the jury is expected to see photographs of the coroner dismembering an animal carcass with a chainsaw. The results of the experiment are supposed to prove that Wright used the same model chainsaw to dismember VanderGiesen’s body. A receipt found in Wright’s garbage indicates the model purchased.

(( Source:  KELOLAND TV ))