Bloggers Sound Off On Wright Trial


By Kelli Grant

The Daphne Wright murder trial is getting more than just media
attention. Internet bloggers from all over the country have something
to say. And the deaf community is turning to their computers to voice
their opinion on the jury, the evidence, and the suspect.

Internet Blogging has changed the way people communicate. It’s
allowing bloggers to follow news across the country. And right now,
they’re following it to South Dakota.

One blogger questions executing a deaf criminal. She states she
doesn’t know Wright, nor does she know anyone who does. But she
writes for Daphne to be fairly judged, the jury selection should
choose people whose background is similar to Daphne’s. She also
writes quote the “Next best thing to a Deaf jury are expert witness
evaluators who are Deaf themselves.”

Several bloggers respond to these statements, one writing that the
Deaf will have to initiate such changes.
Just this week a deaf blogger writes, quote “Since Wright continues
denying the murder, I think she should be given more time being
observed by deaf psychiatrists, not the hearing ones with

Other bloggers plead to South Dakotans to help Wright out. One
blogger writes that people in the Deaf community aren’t incompetent
and deserve a fair trial.

And a blogger from the deaf community in Maryland criticizes not
having an African American in the jury and not having a certified
Deaf interpreter in the courtroom.

(( Source: KELOLAND TV ))