Deaf Gay Writer Wins First Place Award

Congratulations to Deaf Gay writer Raymond Luczak whose novel, Men with Their Hands, recently won the Project: QueerLit 2006 contest.

The Press Release:

The final results of the second Project: QueerLit contest have been released. We are happy to announce that Raymond Luczak of Minneapolis, Minnesota is the winner with his novel Men with Their Hands.

Thank you to our dedicated Committee Members and to Bloom, Blowsquish Creative, Books to Watch Out For, Chroma, Damron Company, Lodestar Quarterly, Nightsweats and T-cells, Other, Outsider Ink, Publishing Triangle, Suspect Thoughts Press, TLA Video, and Velvet Mafia, for
sponsoring the Project: QueerLit 2006 contest.

THE WINNER OF THE PROJECT: QUEERLIT 2006 CONTEST: Men with Their Hands – Raymond Luczak

FINALISTS (alphabetically):
My Hero: A Wild Boy’s Tale – Tristram Burden
Initiate’s Rise – Debra Hyde
Mono No Aware (The Sorrow of Things) – Bianca Jarvis
The Fluidity of Angels – Jeff Leavell
Loop – Scott Waller

The Project: QueerLit contest celebrates and brings media attention to unpublished authors of queer writing and opens doors for publication of their work. The contest is open to any unpublished author of an English-language novel with queer and/or bent content.

Authors may not be previously published or contracted to be published for a novel in any form. Previously published chapbooks, nonfiction, shorter fiction and collections of short fiction, and other work published in multi-author collections, magazines, etc. does not disqualify them. A novel with queer or bent content refers to a novel of any genre or blending of genres with LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, and Queer), or with alternative themes, situations, voice, or characters. The author (and the novel) does not have to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersexed to be considered. Queer in this context can also mean a bent or outsider worldview.

All submissions (the first 20 pages of the manuscript) are “blindly” reviewed (without knowledge of author’s name or synopsis) and rated (on originality, storyline, voice, and, characterization) by members of the Project: QueerLit Advisory and Review Committee, and another applicant. From this judging, the top-rated group of twenty-five Semi-Finalists and six Finalists are selected and awarded. The six top-rated Project: QueerLit Contest Finalists then have their full manuscript blindly reviewed (again on originality, storyline, voice, and, characterization) by the Project: QueerLit Advisory and Review Committee to choose the Contest Winner(s).

More information on the Project: QueerLit contest, the Winners, Finalists, and Semi-Finalists for both the 2004 and 2006 contests, and details about Project: QueerLit 2008 is available through the website at