Purchase Your RAD 2007 Conference Tickets Directly from RAD


February 2 2007

Important information regarding the RAD 2007 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

The RAD Board has just learned that the previous host of the RAD 2007 conference has decided to refund all of the combo ticket money back to the individuals who purchased them, including those who had established a layaway arrangement.

This will mean that those of you, who have purchased a combo ticket from PRDS, will need to purchase them again upon receipt of your refund. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would really love to see you come and enjoy our conference. Payment information is explained in detail below. So, when you receive your refund, please send payment to RAD/RAD 2007 to the address listed below.

We will honor people who already bought the combo tickets or put money down before in a layaway plan from PRDS/RAD 2007 Conference. Your pricing will NOT change. Please send your confirmation letter with a new check, payable to RAD/RAD 2007. For those of you who have NOT yet purchased your combo tickets, there are plenty of tickets still available. Please read on for more information. Space is limited to 380 people. Please buy combo tickets soon. First Come, First Serve.

FYI. We DO have a hotel. We are finalizing details now, but the hotel we will be using is the Marriott Perimeter Center, 246 Perimeter Center Parkway NE, Atlanta, Georgia, and our room rates will be $99 per night up to 4 people in a room; a savings of more than half the normal room rate! Please wait until we have our group code before making reservations. We will have that for you as soon as possible. Also, remember to check www.rad.org for more updates on the conference.

With huge savings like this, it would be a shame to pass up this opportunity to come down and enjoy the RAD 2007 conference. As we promised, the payment information is listed below. Contact Larry Pike with questions.

____ $275 per person until April 1, 2007
____ $300 per person until June 1, 2007
____ $325 per person after June 2, 2007(money order or cash)
Individual prices (TBA)

$50 minimum and must be paid in full as per Layaway Policy


There will be a $35 service charge for each returned check.

Please make check or money order payable in U.S. Dollars to RAD/RAD2007 and mail to:
Larry Pike, Business Manager
RAD/RAD2007 Host Conference
1191 Grape Street
Denver, Colorado 80220

Special Accommodations: Requests for special accommodations must be requested on the registration form and received by June 1, 2007

Layaway Policy: For Layaways started before Dec 31, 2006. Must be paid in full by April 1, 2007.
For Layaways started between now and April 1, 2007. Layaways must be paid in full by June 1, 2007.
After June 1, 2007: Failure to pay the Layaway in full will result in $25.00 increase or a conversion to Individual Prices.

See Cancellation and Transfer of Tickets Policies on www.rad.org

For any questions regarding registration or payment, please contact
Larry Pike, Business Manager at:
Larry Pike, Business Manager
RAD/RAD2007 Host Conference
1191 Grape Street, Denver, CO 80220

For any questions regarding Hotel, please contact
Steven Schumacher, RAD Secretary & Hotel Liaison at:

(( Submitted by Steven Schumacher ))