Marlee Matlin Plays Deaf Lesbian on “The L Word”

Marlee Matlin Deaf Lesbian

Marlee Matlin has joined the cast of the “The L Word”. She plays the character of Jodi Lerner, a Deaf Lesbian artist who is passionate about art and women. Jodi and Bette (played by Jennifer Beals) hook up and there are some hot scenes between the two.

According to Showtime, Jodi’s character is “an intensely talented and free-spirited sculptor. She may be deaf but that doesn’t stop her from speaking her mind, especially in the halls of the art school where Bette is the new dean and Jodi the new artist-in-residence. Indeed, Jodi is the first woman to challenge Bette, professionally and then emotionally as they fall into a fiery relationship outside of the university.”

“Audiences have never seen a Deaf woman and a hearing women in a relationship; it’s never been done on television before,” said Marlee Matlin in a statement. “This is a very interesting storyline because this happens out there but it’s never been highlighted.”

Season four of “The L Word” premieres tonight on Showtime.

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