“RAD Unity” Chosen as RAD Conference Theme


RAD Unity! That is the theme of this year’s conference — RAD Unity reminds us that we are all in this together and we ought to be celebrating the diversity we have in our community. Embrace it, enjoy it and help it grow.

Speaking of Unity, RAD invites you to watch our first V-log on www.rad.org! This V-log, featuring Bob Donaldson, RAD President, will give you all the exciting updates we have on the RAD 2007 conference…. In ASL!!! After all, we are united by one very common bond – our ASL!

As you know, our conference will take place July 3-8, 2007, in Atlanta, Georgia. One of our many traditions is the Mr. RAD, Ms. RAD, Miss RAD, and Mr. Drag King contests. For more information on how to enter the contests, go to our website, www.rad.org.

Are you a Deaf-owned business? Or, do you have a business that has products that will interest our Deaf attendees? We invite you to consider booth space at our conference. This is a great opportunity to sell your products or services. This is also a great time for non-profit organizations, such as HIV/AIDS programs that have services for the Deaf, or any kind of deaf group or organization that welcomes Deaf GLBT people. Great way to network and share information. For more information on our exhibits/vendor area, see www.rad.org.

We are also looking for volunteers!!!! Look for the volunteer form on our website! We need help with the registration area, hall monitors, and many other things. Please get in touch with us soon, so we can start scheduling shifts.

RAD chapters, may we have your attention! Please send us your delegates! Their combo tickets can be purchased for $250.00. Our Website has that information as well. Contact Larry Pike, our treasurer if you have questions that are not answered on www.rad.org. Also, contact Larry if the delegate price you paid with PRDS was different

One last thing folks, as you prepare your delegates for the RAD Delegate meeting, also consider what motions you want to make. Our Bylaws, Conference Policy Guidelines and other necessary information can be found on RAD’s Website. We also have motion forms online that you can print out and send to us. Deadline for motions are June 3, 2007, to be sent to David Nelson, of the Laws Committee. That information can be found on our Website, too. Thanks!

Thank you for your continued support of RAD!

(( Submitted by RAD ))